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Shenzhen Maitengfei Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, production and sales of automation equipment. Our main products are full automation cutting machine (pipe cutting machine/belt cutting machine/wire cutting machine/fileting machine/filmsplitter/blade width 100-800mm). full automatic heat cutting machine (hot and cold belt cutting machine/special round corner shaped machine/ultrasonic cutting machine/computer controlled filling machine for quit/hot and cold pressing machine) and other automatic equipment (wire-stripping machine/terminal crimping machine/material cutting machine/chamfering machine) and so on. We manufacture about 3000 pieces of pieces of all kinds of automation equipment each year so far, which are widely used in industries of clothing & textile, industrial fabric, printing & packing, electronic equipment, furnishing decoration, food&medicine and so on. Our products sold all over the world win unanimous praise of customers. We are also supplier of high quality for famous enterprises like Jingdong warehouse, Gree, Septwolves, Han's Laser and DJL UAV.