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Process characteristics of automatic pipe cutting machine

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The automatic pipe cutting machine uses the gear differential feed principle to realize the longitudinal feed of the tool on the high-speed rotating cutter head, thus realizing the new concept of holding the steel pipe without moving and the cutter head rotating cutting. It effectively solves the problems of high energy consumption, machine jitter, low cutting efficiency, short tool life, low production rate, poor quality of steel pipe end faces, and inability to set length in the steel pipe high-speed rotating processing method. Below we will share with you some knowledge about the process characteristics of the automatic pipe cutting machine, so that you can use it better in the future.

1. The automatic pipe cutting machine has high efficiency and can improve work efficiency more than ordinary turning process.

2. The material utilization rate is high, because no chips are produced during the cutting process, the pipe can be prevented from being fully used.

3. The fracture is directly formed. Any workpiece that has certain requirements for the fracture shape can be directly formed at one time by using the shape of the cutter blade.

4. The shape of the cutter is simple. Compared with the roll used in skew rolling or wedge rolling, the shape of the cutter used in this process is simple, so it is easy to manufacture, low in cost, and convenient to install and adjust.

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