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Precautions for trial use of cold cutting saw blades

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When using high-speed hacksaw blades to cut various materials, when the cutting effect cannot meet the requirements, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Material: In some cases, the problem lies in the material being cut. Due to the uneven quality of the materials purchased on the market, some contain too many impurities, so when the saw blade cuts these impurities, the hardness is higher. The saw blade may make abnormal noises or even break, and the cut surface may be uneven. The saw blade with low hardness will not break, but it will be skewed after cutting. This is because the saw blade turns and misaligns when it comes into contact with impurities.

2. Saw blade: The saw blade is not properly handled during the grinding and tension adjustment process, the saw teeth are not sharp enough, the yaw degree is poor, the saw blade diameter and the number of teeth are not properly selected, and the saw blade material is poor.

3. Cutting equipment: the horizontal state of the equipment or the processed material is not adjusted properly, the clamping state of the clamp and the processed material is poor, the saw blade is installed incorrectly, the equipment speed is incorrect, the cutting speed is incorrect, the cooling and lubricating medium is incorrectly selected .

4. Operator: For manual equipment, sometimes the operator moves the knife too hard or the knife speed is too fast, which may also cause poor cutting results or chipping of the saw blade.

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