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Method of extending the service life of pipe bending machine

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When operating the pipe bender, you must ensure that the equipment is in the correct grounding state, and must not be connected to a voltage beyond the specified voltage range, and you must not stop plugging or unplugging in a live condition. Generally, this detail will be done well for experienced equipment maintenance engineers, involving maintenance specifications and safe operation methods.

The following points should be avoided when using the pipe bender correctly:

1. Plug and unplug after the device is stopped, and do not blindly touch the wires and cables to avoid pulling off.

2. Don't use hard objects to stop impact on the switch and encoder.

3. Don't hit the monitor with sharp objects.

4. Place the electrical box in the ventilated center to avoid stopping work in an environment with corrosive gas.

5. Keep the equipment clean, especially there should be no debris in the sliding groove of the slider and clamping block.

6. Clean and check the equipment regularly, do a good job of maintaining the pipe bender in time, and cut off the power before operation.

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